Exercises: Building a Simple Site Structure


  1. Create the file structure above on your computer, then upload the entire structure to your server.
  2. images and data are directories
  3. Place 3¬†different photos in the ‘imgs’ directory (keep them less than 1024 pixels wide or high)
  4. In the data folder, create 5 html files using the YYYYMMDD naming convention.
  5. Create index.html files in every directory
  6. Write something uniquely identifiable in every html file.
  7. Make sure every file is accessible through a browser.
  8. Feel free to experiment!

Hint: When you are done, there should be 14 files spread within 3 directories.

Once you feel your site is complete as instructed, contact your RazorVolt coach, you can discuss any questions you may have, and if your exercise is completed satisfactorily, you will receive access to the next lesson.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of this module!