Accessing your Server

Now that FileZilla is installed, plug in your login information, and if you are on a RazorVolt server, you should see a directory with up to 2 folders in the right side window: an ‘html’ folder and optionally a ‘cgi-bin’ folder.  The Html folder is all we will be concerned with.

Important: Anything placed inside the ‘html’ directory will be placed online and can be seen by the world.  Do not place anything private in the ‘html’ directory! You can NOT hide anything online.

If you are in the internship program or are still deciding on a domain name, you should have been provided a temporary URL to use.  If you already have a domain name registered and directed to your webhost, you should now be able to access your site using your domain name.

Either way, for the duration of this tutorial let’s say your access URL is

Here is a table of how files uploaded to various directories can be accessed through a browser.

Upload location through FileZillaAccessed through a browser
/outside_html_folder.jpgN/A (The file is not online)

See a pattern? It’s not too hard to figure out right? The ‘html’ folder is your door to the internet. Anything you put in there becomes part of your public website, including directories and files that aren’t html files or images.

A few tips:

Now that you’re a master of FileZilla, it’s time to quiz what we’ve learned!

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