These are the openings we have available at the moment:

INT300: Site Intern (Virtual):


Internships at RazorVolt Labs provide entrants with the opportunity to gain valuable experience working alongside professional website builders for real world clients. The Virtual Site Intern opening is part of a new program that allows entrants to reap the same benefits as the standard Intern position from the convenience of their own homes.  We believe in providing a fun yet educational learning experience for all Interns, and have developed a program that balances skills training with directed creative expression and discovery.

Ok, now that the formal stuff is over, let’s get down to it.  Making websites is fun! It takes just the right blend of left and right brain thinking, you can work from anywhere in the world, and the best part is that you can make a decent living at it! As a RazorVolt Site Intern, we’re offering to show you the ropes in barter for a few hours of your assistance per week. Who knows, you may find a new career!

This virtual internship program would have you in regular contact with a RazorVolt mentor via email, instant messaging, or VOIP.  A few tasks will be assigned, and you’re free to do them at your convenience, as long as they get done by whatever deadline is agreed on. Tasks will vary, but a week would typically include having short theory discussions with a mentor, watching video tutorials, doing some web research, copy writing, and doing some light design work.  All aimed toward giving you the skills you’ll need to build your own site from the ground up.




2-4 months


The goal of the program will be the construction of a full revenue earning, search engine optimized website from start to finish. The website will be of the Intern’s own design and all proceeds from the site will belong to the intern.  Interns will receive complete 1 on 1 mentoring throughout the process and be trained on all skills necessary. Applicants who complete their internships will earn lifetime hosting on RazorVolt servers for their site (currently a ~$100 value per year).

Applicant Profile:

This position is designed for a student, but anyone motivated to learn how to build high performance websites from scratch is welcome to apply. No prior experience is necessary.  The ideal candidate must be willing to learn new skills and able to work in an unmanaged environment, yet able to speak up and ask questions when necessary. The bottom line is, we’re looking for a fun, hard working person who’s not afraid to learn.



If you are interested in any of these openings, simply send an email to hr(AT) with the Position ID in the subject line. Include your resume and something fun about yourself.