About RazorVolt Laboratories

RazorVolt Labs specializes in providing technology consulting services to computer novices using simple, friendly language.

We are a team of experts in several fields including technical troubleshooting, programming, graphic design and customer service.  Together, we are dedicated to diminishing the digital divide;  ie. the gap between those who are technically savvy, and those who aren’t.

We are here to ensure that no one ever needs to feel that they have been left behind by technology. We believe that there is no such thing as “That’s too hard for me”. The truth is often just “It hasn’t yet been explained to me in a way I can grasp”.

We also believe that everyone has the right to equal footing in the new internet era, and the key to that is building a WEB PRESENCE.  As such, we are committed to providing our clients with beautiful yet high performance websites at reasonable prices and the knowledge to use them effectively. Just a few of our satisfied clients are featured here.

So, if you have a technical problem you need to solve, feel free to contact us for a free case analysis and quote. We want to help you.